Scholarships or travel bursaries will be awarded (full or partial) to approximately 30 eligible applicants taking into consideration the nature of work being done / quality of abstract / geographical location. Priority will be given to applicants who apply for partial scholarship, with current IEA membership, preferably from a country with no IEA members at present time. Full scholarship covers registration fees, accommodation, travel from and to participants’ countries and lumpsum, whereas partial scholarship covers registration fees only.

IEA criteria of travel bursaries for new epidemiologists in low-income countries:

  1. A paper or poster must has been accepted for presentation at the meeting.
  2. Applicants should be citizens of low-income countries without obvious alternative resources. They should not be working or resident in middle or high income countries at the time of application or be employed temporarily or permanently by international organizations such as WHO, PAHO etc, on the assumption that funding should be available from their host organization.
    Low-income countries are defined in a World Bank document found at:
  3. Applicants should be <40 years old unless there are exceptional circumstances
  4. The applicant must be an epidemiologist in practice, teaching or research.
  5. Assessment of commitment to an epidemiological career should include a review of training and employment history (e.g. a list completed on the application form).
  6. IEA membership is NOT a prerequisite for a travel bursary, though it may be taken into account if there are two or more candidates equally deserving on other criteria.
  7. The cost of a 3-year membership will be deducted from the bursary of a non-member and membership given to the applicant.
  8. A recipient of a bursary is required to acknowledge the bursary in any publication of the material presented at the meeting for which the bursary was given. A form of words which may be used is: This work was presented (in part) at (name of meeting) with the support of a full (partial) bursary provided by the International Epidemiological Association.
  9. Bursaries may pay for all aspects of participation in a meeting or may be partial, consisting for example of only travel or hotel accommodation or registration waiver.

Travel bursary applicant for the 13th IEA SEA Regional Scientific Meeting and the International Conference on Public Health and Sustainable Development should follow the following steps:

  1. Fill up the scholarship application, click here
  2. Upload the application form