PayPal payment has been canceled

Due to the problem on PayPal verification, PayPal payment method has been canceled. Automatic money return will be performed by PayPal system to registrars who already made registration payment through PayPal. Payment can only be made through bank transfer. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Please refer to registration flowchart for registration and payment guideline.

Payment can be made through bank transfer. Please be noted that the proof of payment should be uploaded to the system by logging into user account. Failure in uploading the proof of payment may cause unregistered in the conference. Please contact or for further inquiries regarding conference payment.

Registration Type Cost
Workshop only (Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Workshop only (Non Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Conference (Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Conference (Non Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Conference ( Indonesian - PAEI / PERSAKMI members ) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Conference ( Non Indonesian - IEA members ) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Conference + Workshop (Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Conference + Workshop (Non Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Day Registration - Participant only without proceeding (Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Day Registration Participant only without proceeding (Non Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Gala Dinner (Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Gala Dinner (Non Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Tour (Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)
Tour (Non Indonesian) (Closes 2018-08-30)