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Mapalus, Health Behaviour and Heart Coronary Disease on Minahasan People
Jeini Ester Nelwan

Last modified: 2018-08-11



Coronary heart disease (CHD) is a non-transmitted disease which is of particular concern at the global, national, and local level. CHD has become a concern because it has caused a lot of deaths. Mapalus as a local wisdom of Minahasan, will be contribute to CHD. The purpose of the research is to determine the structural model of Mapalus, Health Behaviour and CHD in the Minahasa ethnic society in North Sulawesi.

Materials and methods

This research was a mix method research. Model of this research was a case-control study. In total, there were 220 patients included, 110 patiets as a control group and 110 patiens as a case group. Variable research were mapalus, health behavior, and CHD. Data obtained were analyzed using GSCA with GeSCA.


The scope of Mapalus in relation with the medical matter affects the incidence of CHD based on the 16 values absorbed from the ethos and principles of Mapalus. The values of Mapalus still exist and are inherent within the Minahasa community within generations. The implementation of Mapalus that influences the incidence of CHD is likely related to behavioral risk factors such as consuming fatty foods and smoking in Mapalus activities such as gathering. Models of CHD incidence in Minahasa people has found as structural model. This model has show that Mapalus can strength influence of the health behavior to CHD.


The conclusion of this research is Mapalus has significant influence to CHD if Mapalus has interaction with health behavior. Negative health behavior like smoking, consume high fat foods and consume alcoholic beverages as a highest factor was contributed to CHD. Based on this research results, that needed attention from all stakeholders (government, academia, non-government organization, humanist, public figure and religious leaders) to preventing the negative behavior in Mapalus activity.


Keywords:  Mapalus, Health Behaviour, CHD, Minahasa