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Effectiveness of the Combination between Breast Care and Giving of Katuk Leaves on Breast Milk Production to Normal Postpartum Women
Winnie Tunggal Mutika

Last modified: 2018-08-14


Background Low milk production in a few days after giving birth is a constraint in early breastfeeding. A technique which might affect breast milk production is breast care. Its function is to accelerate blood circulation and prevent the blockage of breast milk's pipe production so breast milk production can be accelerated. The content of steroid and polyphenol in cinnamon leaves is able to improve the level of prolactin which can improve, fasten and accelerate breast milk production.


Objectives To prove the effectiveness of combination between breast care and the giving of katuk leaves to the production of breast milk to normal postpartum women.

Methods Quasi- Experimental with non-equivalent time samples design. The sample is normal postpartum women in on of Sragen Hospital purposive sampling. Bivariate analysis uses a paired t - test while multivariate analysis uses manova.


Results The significant difference in baby's weight and prolactin levels before and after the combination (6,454%) and (255,70%). The combination group resulted in an average baby’s weight and hormone prolactin, which is higher than other two groups, 3.4773 kg and 233.42364 ng/ml.

Conclusion The most effective treatment to increase milk production (baby’s weight and hormone prolactin) is the combination of breast care and the giving of katuk leaves capsule.

Keywords: breast care, katuk leaves, milk production