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Risk Factors of Cognitive Function Score in Post Ischemic Stroke Patient at Hajj General Hospital Surabaya
Atik Choirul Hidajah, Wahid Nur Alfi, Riky Hamdani

Last modified: 2018-09-16



Stroke can caused the  motoric and cognitive function disorders. Post-stroke cognitive function disorder often less attention because it is not prominent when compared with other neurological deficits. The cognitive function can be assessed based on MMSE score. The purpose of this study was to analyze the risk factors of cognitive function score in post ischemic stroke patient.

Materials and methods

This was a cross sectional study. The 33 ischemic stroke patients that hospitalization in September-October 2017 at Hajj General Hospital Surabaya were taken as the sample. The inclusion criteria was the stroke patients who had passed a critical period, can read and write, while the exclusion criteria was the stroke patients who have brain disease other than stroke, aphasia, decreased consciousness and death. The independent variables were history of hypertension and DM. Cognitive function is measured by MMSE. If score <24 was classified have cognitive function disorder.  To analyze the factors that can influence the MMSE score used path analysis using LISREL. The factor had statistically significance if the t >1.96



Patients were between 38-85 years old. Most of the patients completed elementary school (48.5%). MMSE scores range from 10 to 29. As many as 55% of cases had cognitive fungsion disorder. The women more who has cognitive function disorder than the man. The incidence was 68%. MMSE scores were affected directly by history of hypertension (t=3,61) and DM (t =2).



Most of post-stroke ischemic patients have cognitive function disorder. The history of hypertension and DM affect directly the MMSE score. Person who have a history of hypertension and / or DM if they have stroke attack should be assessed as earlier as possible the MMSE score in order to prevent the cognitive function disorder.



The director of the Hajj General Hospital.


Keywords:  Ishemic Stroke, Cognitive function, MMSE