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Factor Analysis Related to Neonatal Incidence in Sula Island Regency, North Mollucas Province.
putra Apriadi siregar

Last modified: 2018-08-11




Neonatal mortality is the death of newborns until the age of 28 days or less than 1 month. In this neonatal period the infant has to adapt to environmental changes, from the situation while in the uterus (intra uterine) to a state outside the uterus (extra uterine). Health workers should be able to detect mothers who have a high risk of pregnancy-related health problems that occur in both expecting neonatal and maternal mortality.

This research is an analytical research with cross sectional method to see the factors related to neonatal incidence in Sula Islands District of North Maluku Province. The population in this study were 37 mothers who experienced the incidence of infant mortality and the sample of this study as many as 37 people using the total sampling method. Chi Square statistical test to analyze all variables studied with 95% confidence level.

The results showed that maternal age at risk (91%), young married age or high risk marriage (91%), low birth weight( LBW) (86%), had a history of neonatal disease (91%). The results of this study indicate that there is a relationship of maternal age (p <0.001), parity (p <0.001), birth spacing (p <0.001), and neonatal disease (p <0.001).

The Health Office should provide socialization and information to mothers at high risk of having neonatal events to perform a medical examination during pregnancy. Public Health Service through puskesmas should be more active in doing screaning to mothers who have high risk during pregnancy in order to prevent the happening of neonatal. To the neonatal care provider midwife is expected to do nursing care of neonate service and perform nursing service of neonate maximally in accordance with service standard nonatus.


Keywords: Neonatal, Death, Infant, Maternal Mother.