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Implementation of Patient Safety In Terms Of Health Worker Characteristics Community Health Center West Sumatra Province
Dien Gusta Anggraini Nursal

Last modified: 2018-08-15



Efforts to improve patient safety in the healthcare system should be developed in every instance, especially in the community health center as a primary care provider. Implementation of patient safety is the responsibility of health worker to prevent the occurrence of adverse events. Adverse event report at community health center in Indonesia does not exist yet. Adverse events detected when it involves a legal process or published in the media. Therefore this study aims to see the implementation of patient safety from the characteristics of health worker.

Materials and methods

This research used cross sectional design. Data collected on January to December 2017 with 408 respondents from health worker in six urban and six rural community health center in West Sumatra province. Validated and reliable questioner use for collect data about implementation of patient safety, health worker age, place of work, length of employment, last education, and employment status.The data tested used Chi-square statistical test with 95% degree of trust (α=0.05).


The results obtained from the 31 questions on the implementation of patient safety, average 15.6% of respondents answered negatively, and more than half (50.5%) had bad patient safety. Last education significantly related to the implementation of patient safety (p = 0.042). there is no relationship between age, place of work, length of employment, and employment status with patient safety.



More than half (50.5%) implementation of patient safety in Sumatera Barat Province is bad and health worker last education significantly related to the implementation of patient safety. Suggested to improve implementation of patient safety with workshop and sending health worker to school especially to health worker graduated from high school.

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