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Factors associated with delaying hospital bed provision in surabaya public hospital during national health insurance era
Nurul Jannatul Firdausi

Last modified: 2018-08-15


Background: Indonesia has been applied national health insurance more than 4 years. The impact is public convenience to access healthcare, especially hospital. The easiness causes improvement of demand in healthcare. Hospital unpreparedness to deal with it make some problem such as prolonged waiting of hospital bed. the study aims is analyzing factors associated with delaying hospital bed provision in surabaya public hospital.


Materials and Methods : The type of study was observational-analytic. By time approach, the study design was cross sectional. Study population were all patient in the 3rd class ward who has been decided to discharged. The study was conducted in the the 3rd ward of RSUD Dr. M. Soewandhie in July 2018. It was type B teaching hospital owned by Surabaya goverment which became the first destination for people in surabaya to seeking treatment. The study involved 104 respondents. Primary data collected through real time calculation for patient discharge time and time cleaning room. Instrument to collcted data included observational sheets and digital watches. Factors analyzed were days of service, method of payment, duration of patient discharge and duration of room cleaning. The analysis was performed using chi-square.


Results: The average of patient admision to the 3rd class per days were 11 patient with peak time visit at 6:00 a.m to 13:59 pm. Patient discharges also mostly done at 6:00 a.m to 13:59 pm (61.5%). Average time to preparing ward at the 3rd class rooms required  165 minutes (2 hours 45 minutes). Factors related to delaying hospital bed provision included duration of patient discharged (p-value 0.001 <0.05) and duration of room cleaning (p-value 0.006 <0.05), while day of service and method of payment did not associated significantly with delay of bed hospital provision. Duration of patient discharge has positive associated and very strong (value coefficient = 0.842). The longer duration of patient discharged had risk 414 times to making delay of bed hospital provision. While duration of room cleaning was also positively related, although it was quite weak (value coefficient = 0.308). The longer duration of room cleaning had risk 6.7 times to making delay of bed hospital provision.


Conclusion: The hospital management need to re-enginering process of bed provision and also support by provide resources and policy to reduce time.


Keyword : Bed, Hospital, Delay, National Health Insurance

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