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Occupational safety and health in Indonesia: Where is it gone wrong?
Vena Jaladara

Last modified: 2018-08-20


Background: Occupational safety and health has long been implemented in Indonesia with various related regulations. However, the condition of occupational safety and health in Indonesia is still far from what is expected. This paper aims to enucleate the challenges related to the implementation of occupational safety and health in Indonesia.

Materials and Methods: Sentimental analysis study was conducted in this paper. The material sources used in this paper are printed media covering issues related to occupational safety and health, occupational accidents and expert opinions obtained through Goggle search. However, there are clear limits to this method. It is primarily based on online accounts published in English language papers such as The Jakarta Post, Republika, Kompas, all Indonesian language daily papers with an online English language presence and official labor website.

Results: There are three important findings to be emphasized in this paper. First, the demands of workers delivered through the demonstration show dissatisfaction with occupational safety and health. Second, there is no integrated reporting and management system among various agencies. Last, sanctions against violations are valued very cheaply.

Conclusion: The role and intention of the government in implementing safety and health in Indonesia needs to be reviewed in order to promote and improve the degree of occupational safety and health in Indonesia.

occupational health, safety and health policy, regulation, labor