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Intervention for improvement of knowledge on anemia prevention: A school-based study in Padang, Indonesia
Hafifatul Auliya Rahmy

Last modified: 2018-08-10


Hafifatul A Rahmy1*, Poppy P Guswir1 ,  Denas Symond1

1 Department of Nutrition, Public Health Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatera, 25129, Indonesia


* Corresponding Author: Hafifatul A Rahmy, E-mail: rauliyabee@gmail.com, Phone: +62-81334014328  Fax: +62--


Anemia is one of the nutrition problems of teenage girls. One of the factors of anemia is lack of knowledge and information which teenage girls get about anemia. This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of health education intervention on baseline knowledge of anemia prevention among teenager.

Materials and methods

This research is a quasi-experimental study which uses research design non-equivalent control group design. This research is done in Padang from March-April 2018 give intervention use leaflet, video, and one control group. The sample consists of 105 teenage girls, using proportional random sampling technique. The data were analyzed by Repeated Measures and One Way ANOVA.



The result of this research shows that the average scores of knowledge on teenage girls before giving health education in a leaflet and video group is 19,49 and 19,54. After experiments three times, the average scores on teenage girls in a leaflet and video group is 27,32 and 27,43. According to the statistic results, p-value=0,000 (p-value<0,05). There are significant knowledge improvement about anemia in teenage girls after giving health education intervention



Health education will play an effective role in improving the health of adolescents by increasing knowledge.



We are very grateful to the school authority for providing necessary permission and to schoolchildren for their active enthusiastic participation in the study.


Keywords: Anemia prevention, effectiveness, intervention, knowledge

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