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Analysis of Food Availability and Nutritional Status of Smokers in Maybrat Regency of West Papua Province
putra Apriadi siregar

Last modified: 2018-08-09




Mothers and children under five are one of the groups that are sensitive to food availability issues. The availability of food will be related to the occurrence of risk of malnutrition status and malnutrition that occurred in West Papua. Maybrat District is one of the lowest IPKM regions in the province of West Papua and therefore has a risk of food insecurity as well. Maybrat Regency has a high number of smokers and has underweight nutrition status.


This research is a descriptive survey research with cross sectional approach. The population in this research is smoker family in Maybrat Regency as many as 50 people, this study uses total population. Data analysis is presented in the form of cross tabulation and frequency distribution table.


The results showed food availability in smoker families in the bad category as much as 60%. Lower cigarette expenditure, availability of guaranteed food as much as 40%, while cigarette expenditure is greater, the availability of guaranteed food as much as 50%, and acute and chronic nutrition is still found in smoker families.


Expected to the head of the family in order to reduce cigarette consumption, and avoid tobacco smoke from family members, especially toddlers. nutrition officers at district level puskesmas to further improve nutrition counseling in each village in an effort to improve public health, especially in low-income smoker families to better manage the diets of children under five.