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Comparison of Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) of Low Back Pain (LBP) treatment at Teaching Hospital of Airlangga University: Comprehensive Rehabilitation + Medication (Conservative) vs. Pain Intervention (Invasive)
Nanda Aulya Ramadhan

Last modified: 2018-09-16



According to WHO, Low back pain (LBP) is a leading cause of disability and the most common reason for medical consultations. The best treatment today is Comprehensive Rehabilitation combined with Medication. However, Pain Intervention (invasive) has been widely performed on patients with LBP especially for patients with VAS greater than 8.


Materials and methods:

In this study, Cost Economic Analysis is performed using total sampling technique between January 2018 - April 2018 with 363 patients. ACER and ICER calculations are also performed. VAS was measured before and after treatment.



The decrease of VAS in Pain Intervention group was greater than Comprehensive Rehabilitation + Medication group (7.83 vs 3.63). LBP treatment using Pain Intervention (invasive) has smaller ACER results compared to Comprehensive Rehabilitation + Medication (IDR 1,865,431 vs IDR 2,279,499). This suggests that patients with Pain Intervention (invasive) are more economically beneficial. From ICER calculations, the cost incurred per extra VAS decrease in Pain Intervention (invasive) is IDR 1,507,298 when compared to Comprehensive Rehabilitation + Medication. Thus, patients should be prepared to pay more to get better VAS reduction in Pain Intervention treatment.



LBP treatment using Pain Intervention (invasive) has better CEA results than Comprehensive Rehabilitation + Medication.