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Determinats of Utilization of HIV Tests in Indirect Female Sex Workers (IFSW) in Indonesia (Data Analysis of BISB 2015)
Ayu Rahma Thalot, Rini mutahar

Last modified: 2018-08-07


Background : HIV test is the most important "entry point" for prevention, care, support and treatment services, for people that at risk of HIV / AIDS, such as FSW groups. The purpose of this study is to analyze the factors that affect the utilization of HIV test in indirect sex workers in Indonesia.

Materials and Methods : This research use cross-sectional research design with the sampling technique of Multistage Random Sampling as many as 3.153 people. The data that used are secondary data of Biological Integrated Surveys and Behavior (BISB) in 2015 with a sample of 2.514 respondents in Indonesia. Data analysis was done univariate, bivariate, and multivariate.

Results :The results showed that 51,6% of IFSW had HIV test. The result of analysis shows that there are correlation between age variables (p-value = <0,0001), education level (p- value = 0,043), knowledge (p-value = <0,0001), age of first sex (p-value = 0,001), risk perception (p-value = <0,0001), history of STI (p-value = 0,044), number of sex customers (p-value = <0,0001), and pmps support (p-value = <0,0001) with the utilization of HIV test in indirect female sex worker (IFSW). There is no correlation between marital status (p-value = 0,370), length of work as IFSW (p-value = 0,462), history of injection drug usage (p-value = 0,226), amd consistency of condom usage (p-value = 0,078) with the utilization of HIV. The most dominant variable associated with the utilization of HIV test is knowledge (PR: 2,521 95% CI: 2,081-3,055).

Conclusions : This can be means that IFSW who have good knowledge have 2,521 times greater chance to utilize the HIV test compared to IFSW who have poor knowledge in control of age, education level, age of first sex, risk perception, history of STI, number of sex customers, and pimps support.The recommendation of this research that the government improves the implementation of HIV/AIDS prevention and control program liked the VCT test is not only among indirect sex workers but also needs to be done to the sex customer.

Acknowledgements : We thank to the Health Ministry Republic of Indonesia for the permit of utilizing the data-base of Biological Integrated Surveys and Behavior 2015.

Keywords       : HIV test utilization, Indirect Female Sex Worker, Indonesia