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Current level of Human-Papilloma Virus awareness among the population at risk in India
Pratap Kumar Jena, Krishna Khadka

Last modified: 2018-08-07


Background: This article reviews and estimates the current level of Human-Papilloma-Virus (HPV) awareness among general female population in India by estimating pooled prevalence of HPV awareness using meta-analysis of studies published during 2010 to 2015.

Materials and methods: Studies assessing HPV awareness among general female population were included in this meta-analysis. Studies among students of health sciences, health staffs, and males were excluded in the analysis. Seven studies were selected for this meta-analysis using MetaXL (Version 5.3) software.


Results: Included studies covered only 5,183 female populations at risk in India, including 2391 students or adolescent girls. The HPV awareness in the included studies was ranged between 2.4 percent to 66.5 percent of the studied population. Using Inverse Variance Heterogeneity model, pooled prevalence of knowledge regarding HPV infection was found to be 17.8 percent (95% CI: 3.2% - 35.5%). Among younger females up to 24 years age, pooled prevalence of knowledge regarding HPV infection was 22.71 percent (95% CI: 5.4% - 42.99%). Majority of the studies included were of moderate quality and there was heterogeneity among studies.

Conclusions: Overall  low HPV awareness among Indian general female population at risk is a concern. There is unmet need to reach and educate this at risk population group regarding HPV infection in order to protect them from the devastating consequences.



Keywords :  Awareness, HPV / Human Papilloma Virus