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Development Of Android-Based Applications For Early Detection Diabetes Mellitus
septa katmawanti, rara warih gayatri

Last modified: 2018-09-16



Early detection of the risk of diabetes mellitus that has been done so far is the examination of blood sugar levels, but the price of early detection tool to measure blood sugar levels is still quite expensive. Therefore, the need for technological breakthroughs for early detection activities that are more affordable and can be done at any time to predict the risk of exposed to diabetes mellitus. Mobile phone android applications for early detection activities as one of the prevention of disease is still very minimal use. Therefore there is a need for development efforts in that direction. This research is about the development of android based application for early detection of Diabetes mellitus disease. The purpose of this study was to develop android-based cell phone applications for early detection of DM disease.  

Materials and methods

This research used was development research method. The research procedure includes problem analysis, data collection, product design, expert validation, design revision, test product, and product revision. For the first step of this research, the procedure used was problem analysis until design revision from the expert validation. The research development method was devoted to developing the early detection instrument of diabetes mellitus from nutritional aspect, dental and oral health, physical activity and general health. Furthermore, the development of early detection application of diabetes mellitus disease based by android. The subjects of the study were the android application experts and content experts. The research instrument used questionnaire with data analysis using quantitative descriptive analysis that was percentage.


The result of this study were the android application product of early detection of diabetes mellitus disease that has been validated by android application experts and content experts. The results of the validation showed by android experts (95.45%), general health (95%), dental and oral health aspect (95.83%), physical activity aspect (97.22%) and Nutrition aspect (97.5%).


The research indicates that the product was feasible to continue in the next research phase. The next stage of the research plan is a product trial, design revision and product finalization.

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Keywords : Android-Based Applications, Early Detection, Diabetes Mellitus