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Effect of Tomat Top(Tomato and Eggs Blended) Admission on Postpartum Haemoglobin Level Increasing at Working Area of Koto Tinggi Publlic Health Center In Lima Puluh Kota Regency in 2018
Rulfia Desi Maria, Lady Wizia, Tera Rosa

Last modified: 2018-08-14



Postpartum women are particularly susceptible to anemia. The main cause of anemia in women is inadequate intake of sources of Fe, the increasing need for Fe during pregnancy and lactation (physiological changes), and loss of blood. One source of iron that has high bioavailability is eggs. In order for better iron absorption, there is a need for vitamin C in many fruits such as tomatoes, both of which can be combined in the form of Tomat Top. Tomat top is one of traditional suplement from Bukittinggi, west sumatra. It is served at restaurant or foodcourt at bukittinggi. Tomat top usually use on increasing energy for atlhete, woman worker, farmer and others. This study aims to show the effect of Tomat Top admission to the haemoglobin level in the postpartum mother.

Materials and methods

This study was Quasi-experimental design with one group pretest posttest design at the working area of ​​Koto Tinggi health center, from February to March 2018. There were 13 postpartum mothers became sample of this study by using purposive sampling method. Data collected by using digital haemometer. Data analyzed in univariate and bivariate by using T-Test analysis.


The results showed that average level of haemoglobin before Tomat Top admission is 9,9 gr%  and average level of haemoglobin after Tomat Top admission is 10,2 gr%. The results of bivariat showed that there is significant effect of tomat top admission on increasing postpasrtum haemoglobin level


There was significant effect of tomat top admission on increasing postpasrtum haemoglobin level.There is necessary to increase knowledge of postpartum women to increase consumtion source of Fe, such as Tomat top.


Acknowledgments are given to Bachelor Program of Applied Midwifery, Prima Nusantara Health Institute who always provide support and encouragement in every research activity.

Keywords :  haemoglobin level, post partum