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Burden of tobacco-related cancers in urban India: State-wise projection till 2025

Last modified: 2018-08-10


Background: Tobacco use is a significant contributor to the cancer burden, which is preventable. For planning and effective implementation of anti-tobacco programmes, the knowledge of burden of tobacco-related cancer (TRCs) is essential. Therefore, there is need to assess the burden of TRCs in India and its states for the period 2015-2025.

Materials and Methods: The National Cancer Registry Programme (NCRP) of Indian Council of Medical Research is the only authentic source of data on cancer in India. Cancer incidence rates generated by Population-Based Cancer Registries under the NCRP and population of India and its states, as projected by the Registrar General of India, formed the sources of data for this study. Best possible assessment of incidence rates was made for the different states and union territories using the limited data available. The inference of regression method was used to assess the trend and project the rates for the study period 2015-2025.

Results: Results show that the overall burden of TRCs in urban India is an estimated 119 thousand in 2015. It was projected to increase to 184 thousand by 2025, an increase of more than half. A sizeable portion of this burden was due to tobacco use in men. Analysis showed regional diversity in the burden of diverse types of TRCs.

Conclusion: In view of the increasing load of TRCs, there is an urgent need to initiate focused tobacco prevention measures to combat this threat disease.