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Effects of House Physical Condition on Radon Indoor Exposure in Mamuju District
Zahra Zahra, Eko Pudjadi, Yusniar Ariati, Miko Hananto

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Background :

Radon is a radioactive. When radon was found to accumulate in houses, there was concern about the public health impact from exposure to a known carcinogen. This paper aims to determine effect of house physical condition to the indoor radon concentration in Botteng Village, Mamuju District. Mamuju was one of areas in the world with High Background Radiation Area (HBRA).

Materials and Methods:

The variables analyzed were house physical condition including wall type, floor type, wall and floor crack, window condition and house ventilation, and also other environmental risk factor variable including cooking fuel type, cigarette smoke in house and occupancy density. The unit of analysis is the household, with 59 household sample in Botteng Village. Inclusion criteria are households that have lived in Botteng Village for at least 5 years. The analysis using mean difference test.  


The analysis shows that there is no variable of house physical condition which has statistically significant correlation to indoor radon concentration, but the average indoor radon concentration in risky house physical condition is higher than the not risky house physical condition. Analysis of window and ventilation variables show that houses which have open windows have an average indoor radon concentration higher than houses with no windows or rarely opened windows.


Although the relationship between house physical condition variable and indoor radon concentration was not statistically significant but the significant mean difference in window condition variables indicated that the amount of indoor radon induced by external exposure. It is recommended that policies to familiarize the community to open windows of houses every day in areas with high natural radiation, need to be reviewed.

Keywords: radon indoor, house condition, mamuju