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Factor Related To Complaint Respiratory Disorders On Non Organic Workers Packing Plant Indarung Division Of Bagging Bureau I Padang Cement Coorporation
Nopriadi Nopriadi, Sofia Ananda Putri, Fauziah Elytha, Emy Leonita

Last modified: 2018-08-14


Workers on non organic packing plant indarung division of Padang Cement Coorporation have risk to complaint respiratory disorder because of dust from the packing process of cement. The result of early survey showed that 4 from 6 workers have complaint respiratory disorder. The purpose of study research is to know the factors related to complaint respiratory disorder in packing plant indarung division of bagging bureau I semen padang coorporation.

Materials and methods
The design of this study is quantitave by using cross sectional approach. This study held in packing plant indarung and conducted in February - April with amount of population is 295 and samples around 82. The research variables are work’s period, age, duration of exposure per day, smoking habit and the use of respirator as PPE related to complaint respiratory disorder. The samples were taken by probability sampling tech with simple random sampling methode. The data was collected by interview. Analysing of the data were using univariat, bivariat and multivariat with 95% CI.

The study is resulted of bivariat analysis showed the significant relation between work’s period (p=0,005), workers age(p=0,003), smoking habit(p=0,047), and not used of PPE (respirator) (p=0,001) with complaint respiratory disorder. There is no relation duration of exposure per day (p=0,384) with complaint respiratory disorder. Multivariate end modeling showed that the dominant factor associated with respiratory complaints is work’s period (p=0,018), (POR= 4,8) CI 95%

There is signitificant relation between work’s period, workers age, smoking habit, and not used of PPE (respirator) complaint respiratory disorder on non organic workers packing plant indarung and the most dominant factor with respiratory complaints is work’s period. This is suggested to Padang Cement Coorporation and the company supplier to improve supervision or sosialization about the important of using PPE include respirator for the workers.

The authors would like to thank Semen Padang Corporate who has given permission to the author to conduct research in his company.

Keywoards : Complaint Respiratory Disorder, Packing Plant.