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Potensial Hazard Anaysis and Risk Control at Production of Indarung V Plant Cement Padang Corporate at 2018
Nopriadi Nopriadi, Nurul Alfatiah, Nizwardi Azkha, Emy Leonita

Last modified: 2018-08-15


There are potensial hazards in indarung V plant Cement Padang Corporate such as heights, dust, excavators, combustible materials, rotating objects, electrical currents and material collapses. Some hazards can cause risks from the lightest to the most severe if not properly managed. One of the preventive efforts that can company do is risk management. This research aims to analyze hazards, risks and appropriate control in production of Indarung V Plant Cement Padang Corporate.

Materials and methods
This semi-quantitative study took place from January to April 2018. The analysis used HIRARC (hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control) method with AS / NZS 4360: 2004 calculation. The techniques for collected data were interview, occupational observation and document analysis. There are 8 people as informants choosen by Purposive Sampling technique.


The result of the hazards and risks identification derived from the production process in the storage area (4 very hight, 2 priority 1 and 1 substantial), coal mill area (8 very hight and 2 priority 1), raw mill area (5 very hight and 4 priority 1), kiln area (8 very hight, 4 priority 1 and 1 substantial), cement mill area (3 very hight and 7 priority l). Controls that have been applied are PPE, routine inspections, maintenance (machine), intruction work, installation of signs HSE, using fire extinguisher and Hydrant.

There are 49 risks and 7-11 hazards for each step of process production. The company have to improve job training such as emergency response, how to use fire extinguisher, Hydrant, and improve supervision in HSE enforcement on workplace.


The authors would like to thank Semen Padang Corporate who has given permission to the author to conduct research in his company.

Keywords : Risk Analysis, HIRARC, AS / NZS 4360: 2004