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Digital health promotion in supporting the development of healthy public policy to achieve sustainable development goals
Atik Qurrota A'Yunin Al-Isyrofi, Pamela Dewi Widuri, Nuke Amalia

Last modified: 2018-08-19


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a commitment by all United Nations Member States to continue development efforts, including ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all. Member States are supposed to take a role, improve public governance, and strengthen the means of implementation. Digital technologies revolutions are creating new potential opportunities in supporting healthy public policies development.

Materials and methods
Literature review from various scientific and current sources, especially articles in journals and other relevant sources.

The use of digital technology for health promotion can strengthen potential sustainability, surveillance, broader outreach to public, and the economic value of digital data on health behavior. The key thing that needs to be pursued is the improvement of digital technology capabilities to accommodate individual and collective interests. So that digital health promotion efforts are able to understand social, cultural, political, and ethical dimensions in society comprehensively.

Digital health promotion is very likely applied in supporting the development of healthy public policy to achieve SDGs. Complexity of digital society formed by technological forces needs to be well understood. Therefore, health promoters can develop digital health promotion strategies that are appropriate to the current situation of target community.

Keywords : Health promotion, digital technology, healthy public policy, SDGs.