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Validation Questionnaire Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale Revised 10 (CESD-R-10)
Claudia Octavia, Shelly Iskandar, Denny K. Sunjaya, Adiatma Y.M Siregar

Last modified: 2018-08-20



Background : Determining depression symptoms becomes important to provide early preventive and curative measures. CESD-R-10 has been used widely in Indonesia to detect depressive symptoms but no validation has been done. The aim of this study was to validate CESD-R-10 instrument within the Indonesian context.


Materials and methods       : The validation is done in four stages. First, forward and backward translation. Second, discussed the translation with psychiatrists, psychologists, and Indonesian language experts. Third, asked selected respondents to fill in the instrument and discuss. Around 357 respondents were given the instruments in several primary health centres in Bandung City, West Java, chosen using stratified random sampling. Later, the results were analyzed using Rasch modelling and confirmatory factor analysis.  Results   : The value for cronbach alpha is .69 and person reliaibity is 0.64. The easiest item is item 8 with value -0,68 logit. The most difficult item is item 3 with value 0,46 logit.  

Conclusions :

Based on analysis, CESD-R-10 is relatively reliable instrument to detect depressive symptoms. However, further validation with larger number of samples is necessary. This is the next step in study and is currently ongoing.


Thank the following primary health clinics for their valuable assistance.


Keywords : Mental health, depression, CESD-R, socioeconomic, education, Indonesia