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Effectiveness of The Program "Ketuk Pintu Layani dengan Hati (KPLDH)" In Primary Level Services Province DKI Jakarta
Fathinah Ranggauni Hardy, Putri Permatasari, Widayani Wahyuningtyas

Last modified: 2018-08-14


Background : The various types of diseases require the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta to issue new policies. One that is expected to offset health problems is Ketuk Pintu Layani dengan Hati (KPLDH), which in its implementation using the approach of continuum of care, with the principle of promotive and preventive prioritization, healthy paradigm, regional responsibility, community independence, family doctors and community-based and cooperation with cross-sector and cross-program in the work area.

Materials and methods : The method used in this research is quantitative and qualitative mixed method. This research was conducted in Central Jakarta, East Jakarta, West Jakarta, and South Jakarta in the working area of ​​Puskesmas.


Results : The scope of the implementation of the Program KPLDH is to emphasize on promotive and preventive efforts to keep doing curative and rehabilitative efforts including palliative efforts. Overall result obtained is Public Satisfaction Index related to KPLDH 3.86 is satisfied, the highest is in Central Jakarta as much as 4.31 which is very satisfied.


Conclusions : Through the policy of Ketuk Pintu Layani dengan Hati (KPLDH) is expected the Health Office can collect accurate data, can map health problems, get priority problems and priority problem solving and improvement of various health problems in the Province of DKI Jakarta.


Acknowledgements : Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi DKI Jakarta, Suku Dinas Kesehatan Jakarta Pusat, Suku Dinas Jakarta Barat, Suku Dinas Kesehatan Jakarta Selatan, Suku Dinas Kesehatan Jakarta Timur, Puskesmas Johar Baru,  Puskesmas Tambora, dan Puskesmas Cilandak.


Keywords :  KPLDH, Promotive, Preventive, Program, New Policy, DKI Jakarta