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HIV-AIDS Epidemic Mapping In Pregnant Women At Gresik Regency East Java Indonesia
Alinea Dwi Elisanti

Last modified: 2018-08-20



Nationally, perinatal HIV transmission was ranked 3rd. However, the basic data on HIV-AIDS number reported in pregnant women is limited in Indonesia, the surveillance of HIV since 2004 has known that Indonesia is entering into concentrated epidemic typology. So need the study of HIV-AIDS mapping in pregnant women.


Materials and Methods

This non-reactive method research uses an analysis unit of 18 sub-districts in Gresik Regency. Secondary data was taken at Ibnu Sina Regional General Hospital Gresik in 2013 - 2018 using instrument data collector sheet and interview sheet. Data analyzed using Arch-view GIS 3.3 and OpenGeoda program.



28 pregnant women with HIV-AIDS spread in 14 sub-districts (77,8%), most cases were in border area with high population mobility (46.4%). Most HIV testing sites were in public health centers (73.3%) with the most common case finding point at poly Mother and Child Health (64.3%). The epidemic and entry point of HIV-AIDS case finding were described in shapefile map.


HIV-AIDS in pregnant women at Gresik Regency was entering into concentrated epidemic typology.


Thanks to Directorate of Research and Community Service Directorate General Strengthening Research and Development Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia, The Director of Ibnu Sina General Hospital Gresik.


Keywords : HIV-AIDS, pregnant, woman