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Cancer Care among Women: The current scenario and challenges in Sangrur District of Punjab, India

Last modified: 2018-08-07


Background: In the year 2014 population-based cancer registry in Sangrur district of Punjab found age-adjusted incidence rate for women around 57.6 per 100,000 among which breast and cervix were found to be leading cancer sites with 13.6  and 8.6 age-adjusted incidence rate per 100,000. For the same district, It was reported in National Family Health Survey (2015-16) that only 13.7 percent of women have ever gone for breast examination and 25.7 percent have ever gone for cervix examination.

Material and Methods: This study tries to find out the current scenario and explores the challenges for Cancer treatment among women. This study uses the data from NFHS 4, Population-based Cancer Registry (2014) and Hospital-based Cancer Registry (2017) to determine factors associated with low awareness. Statistical Models are fitted across all the three data sources to explore factors affecting screening and the disease. Further, some underlying health problems are also be taken into consideration which may or may not be responsible for case to be malignant.

Results: Alcohol Intake, Obesity, Induced Abortion, Less knowledge about symptoms were the factors which show that there is a dire need of cancer awareness among women.

Keywords: Breast Cancer, Cervix Cancer, Cancer Registry, Awareness