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Investigation of Rubella outbreak In subdistrict Mananggu, Gorontalo province 2018
Niwayan Deisy Arisanti

Last modified: 2018-08-18


Ni Wayan Deisy Arisanti1, Ansariadi1, Indra Dwinata1 Hariyati Potutu2

1Departmen Epidemiology, Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia

2 South Sulawesi Provincial Helath Office


*Corresponding Author:Niwayan Deisy Arisanti, niwayandeisyarisanti87@gmail.com. 085396293760


Background : Rubella, a vaccine preventable disease,  is commonly occur among children and young adults. From March to April 2018 local health center reported  26 cases number of  suspected measles. This study aims to investigate rubella outbreaks in Gorontalo Province, Indonesia. After the laboratory examination and confirmation results obtained 5 positive cases of rubella.


Methods : This research use case control study design to know risk factor, source and mode of transmission. Cases are people with clinical symptoms of heat and rash with one or more symptoms such as cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis and shortness of breath. Controls are family / neighbors and friends in school from cases that have no symptoms. Total sample 1: 2 (26 cases and 54 controls). The investigation was conducted by interview and observation. Data were analyzed using Chi Square test.


Results : . The laboratory examination and confirmation results obtained 5 positive cases of rubella. There were 26 cases identified and age ranged from 8 months to 39 years. 100% have symptoms like fever, rash accompanied by cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis. A total of 7.7% has shortness of breath. Attack Rate of rubella outbreak was 17.18 / 10000. The majority of cases  (53.4%) age 12-15 years and most of the cases were women (65.38%). Case fatality rate of the rubella outbreak was 3.84. Bivariate analysis showed statistically significant correlation between immunization status with extraordinary incidence rubella, OR (95% CI 2532-3101, P = 0.000) where people who are not immunized against rubella 2.5 times higher risk compared to those immunized.


Conclusions : immunization status was associated with outbreak Rubella. It is recommended that the health office can conduct health promotion on prevention of rubella transmission and isolate people who have clinical rubella symptoms approximately 2 weeks.

Keywords : Rubella, Outbreak, Risk Factors, Gorontalo

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