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Care that matters : Building pre-hospital trauma care workforce in Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Neeti Rustagi

Last modified: 2018-08-09


Introduction : Care to accident victim is conventionally provided by para- medics and emergency medical personnel’s  in India and bystanders are mainly expected to contribute in arranging early transport to victims. It was realized that in second tier city as Jodhpur, pre-hospital trauma care is non existent and bystanders, police personnel’s and community volunteers play an essential role in  providing immediate post crash care to accident victim and transporting them to health care facility especially in rural and remote areas.

Aim : To assess the current level of essential knowledge and skills of health care providers and first responder’s to act effectively to provide pre- hospital trauma care to an accident victim.

Methodology :

Case based exercises were developed and pilot tested for training of participants in assessing, transporting and providing transit care to the accident victims till the time they reach definitive health care facility.

Results : First respondents in form of police personnel and community based volunteers were trained in ten identified essentials skills of Pre- hospital trauma care program through a structured program. It was observed training session significantly enhanced the self-reported confidence of participants related to utilization of skills and their awareness regarding skills taught. (p<0.05) The six month follow of participants revealed that about 10 out of 74 candidates utilized the skills taught for helping self, their near ones or others.

Conclusion : COACH project builds upon the existing evidence advocated by WHO for resource constrained settings towards engaging community based volunteers in strengthening first tier of trauma care services. Further, this initiative  fosters the efforts made by bystanders and laypersons to save life of fellow being soon after an accident has occurred.