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rita kartika sari, Livana PH

Last modified: 2018-08-07



Background: Consumption of foods pregnant  and lactating mothers should meet the needs for himself and for the growth and development of the fetus / infant, so that pregnant and lactating mothers require more nutrients than the nonpregnant state or not to breastfeed. The reality in Indonesia is still a lot of mothers do not meet those requirements because there is some belief in society related to the prohibition of certain foods during pregnancy and lactation. The purpose of this study was to find out the study of public trust about pregnant and lactating mothers.Methods: This study is retrospective using a research design of descriptive correlation studies with a cross-sectional approach. The research was conducted in Penggaron Lor Village, Genuk Sub-District, Semarang City for all mothers who had children under five with a sample of 43 people using purposive sampling. Data collection tool uses a questionnaire. Data analysis using univariate analysis.Results: results of the study showed that the majority of people believe that (1) vegetables, fruits, rice, meat, milk is a food that should be consumed by pregnant and lactating women, (2) pregnant women are allowed to consume tape. (3) pregnant women are not allowed to consume pineapple. (4) side effects of breastfeeding are changes in breast shape. (5) Side Effects of food consumed by mothers do not affect the quality of milk. (6) Complementary food for breast milk is given after the baby is 6 months old. (7) there is no intelligence difference in babies given and those who are not given exclusive breastfeeding. (8) The frequency of breastfeeding is not reduced after being given complementary breast milk.Conclusions: public trust in the actions taken by pregnant and lactating mothers varies greatly and affects the mother and babies so that education is needed to increase public knowledge in determining attitudes, especially during pregnant and lactating mothers according to evidence based practice. Acknowledgements:  Pregnant  and lactating mothers should receive periodic education..Keywords: public trust, pregnant, pregnant  and lactating mothers.