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Measurement, Evaluation, and Follow-up in Quality Indicators of Healthcare Facility Using Web Based Approach: A Case
Eva Tirtabayu Hasri

Last modified: 2018-08-14



Center for Health Policy and Management UGM is developing website for implementation of measurement, evaluation and follow-up in quality indicators of healthcare facilities. The indicators have been compiled by CHPM and BPJSK in 2016 using quality and cost control indicators by BPJSK and Ministry of Health.

Materials and methods

The study involved 70 healthcare facilities, consist of 35 Primary Health Care (PHC) and 35 secondary healthcare facilities (SHC) in seven provinces. The study had been conducted with website socialization and guidance to the representatives of each healthcare facility using teleconference. There are 18 indicators for FKTP and 14 indicators for FKRTL. Measurement of indicators have been done by healthcare facilities with remote assistance, and evaluation afterwards.


The study succeeded in developing the website www.indikatorfaskes.mutupelayanankesehatan.net and the "Measurement, Evaluation and Follow-up of Website Based on Healthcare Quality Indicators" Guideline. The study showed that there were 23 PHC and 21 SHC had been registered. Among them, 14 PHC and 11 SHC entered the data, 8 PHC and 3 Secondary healthcare were completed the data including indicator, analysis and Plan of Action.


The results of the measurements are presented in graphical form for comparing the outcome of their indicators with the achievements of healthcare using the local and national achievements. The website can be applied well and can help the healthcare facilities and regulators in national implementation of quality indicators measurement, monitoring, and indicators development.


This study was supported by National Health Care Security (BPJS-Kesehatan), Indonesia

Keywords: Quality Indicators, Healthcare, Website