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Association of proximate industrial exposure and living environment on respiratory health problems: A cross-sectional study of Kanpur, India

Last modified: 2018-08-07


Background: In India, Kanpur gets to hold on the worst city in air pollution concerning. The objective of this study was to estimate the prevalence and pattern of respiratory health problem among people living in adjacent to the leather industry of Jajmau area of Kanpur, India. Materials and methods: This paper used primary data obtained from a cross-sectional household study of tannery workers from Jajmau area of the city of Kanpur. The study covered 573 men selected using scientifically developed study design using probability sampling approach. The descriptive statistics have been used to achieve the objective. Results: The men living adjacent to tanneries are at higher risk of developing symptoms of the respiratory problem. For instance, the prevalence of respiratory problems such as a cough or cough up phlegm most days and nights for at least 3 months in the previous year (10%). Around 12% of the respondent experienced the symptoms of Asthma and Chronic bronchitis. Conclusions: Findings suggest that the area lack basic amenities of life like housing, water, hygiene and sanitation, waste discharge and toilet. Moreover, there are concerns regarding various respiratory disorders that are prevailing in the area due to a higher levels of air pollution.