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Implementation of Health Operational Aid Program: A Case Study in 38 Districts of East Java Province
Ernawaty Ernawaty, Ratna Kartikasari, Hari Basuki Notobroto, Nuzulul Kusuma Putri, Nurhasmadiar Nandini

Last modified: 2018-08-20


Background In East Java, the financial realization of health operational aid program was under 85%. This study aimed to identify the knowledge and perception of Public Health Centre (PHC) workers also the socialization to PHC, and technical guidelines availability of health operational aid program in East Java.

Materials and methods This was observational analytic research with cross-sectional design. Unit analysis of this research was District Health Office (DHO), with 38 respondents from DHO and 160 respondents from PHC.

Results There was 60.5% respondent have an average knowledge and 13.2% have poor knowledge of health operational aid program despite all of the DHO already done the socialization the guidelines of health operational aid program to all PHC. However, there was still 47.4% district which did not have the district’s technical guidelines of operational aid of health program which is important to support the implementation according to the financial regulation in each district.

Conclusions It is important that everyone involved in the program understand well about the program, especially the technical guidelines in order to achieve the program’s objectives.

Acknowledgments Thanks to East Java Provincial Health Office and all of the Puskesmas and DHO in East Java for the cooperation during research.