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Updating Private Health Facilities (PHF) Data in 10 Community Health Care (CHC) area in Bandung
Budi Sujatmiko, Denny Fattah, Esther Gloria, Bony Lestari, Panji Fortuna, Bachti Alisyahbana

Last modified: 2018-08-20


Background: Private health sector is an important aspect in health care service.The availability of accurate and “updated” data of  this sector  is crucial to get them involved in public health programs. Recently, people are more active and mobile, so do the private practice physician and their facilities. This study aim to determine the extent of discrepancy of Private Health Facilities registry with the existing service in Bandung. 

Materials and methods: This study conducted in Augustus to November 2017, using cross-sectional methods. We trained ten enumerators to identify private health facilities (clinic, pharmacy, and private physician) in ten randomly CHC area. The result of the survey of private health facilities will be compared to 2014 register data.


Results: Based on our survey, we found 42 % private health facilities can be synchronized on both data (n=122/290). 18 % of PHF was closed (n=53/290), 7 % of PHF was moved (n=21/290) and 33 % of PHF could not be found.


Conclusions: There is a large discrepancy between the latest data to the available service and latest data for private health facilities. Seems that the conventional method cannot keep up with the changes that occurred rapidly in the real situation.