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Health and safety issues from tourism activities in Bukittinggi City, West Sumatra
Nofriya Nofriya

Last modified: 2018-08-09



Tourists can spread the disease agent to the tourist destination area causing the emergence of new diseases. In addition, tourist infrastructure that does not pay attention to the safety of visitors can also cause health problems. This study aims to determine the health risks due to tourism activities in the city of Bukittinggi as one of the favorite tourist destinations in West Sumatra province.


Materials and methods

This study was conducted from June to October 2017. This research used a qualitative approach using in-depth interview techniques to relevant sectors regarding tourism policies that impact on health, observation on six tourist objects during holiday season and literature study.



Direct impacts from tourism activities in Bukittinggi City are increasing the risk of HIV AIDS incidents which follow the amount of tourists. Some facilities in the tourist attraction have been damaged and become potential accidents. The trend of motor vehicle accidents also increase during Eid holiday season. Indirect impacts are increasing of CO2 emission from tourism sector that contribute to increasing of temperature and waste of tourism activities that are not handled properly. From the result of problem solving priority, policy of health risk management due to tourism activities is needed immediately.



Tourism activities in Bukittinggi City are at risk of HIV AIDS incidents, visitor safety at damaged facilities and an increase in motor vehicle accidents. Contribution to CO2 emission and waste also have indirect impact to environmental health issue.




Keywords : Diseases-based tourism, safety tourism, sustainable tourism