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Summary of Evidence for Development of Best Practices for Healthy School Canteen: Lessons Learned from Some Selected Primary Schools in Jakarta
Eflita Meiyetriani, Judhiastuty Februhartanty, Dwi Nastiti Iswarawanti, Arienta Sudibya

Last modified: 2018-08-07


Background :

School canteen plays a vital role for practicing good eating behaviors. The study aims to portray the condition of school canteen and understand the challenges of the healthy school canteen implementation in some selected primary schools in Jakarta.

Materials and methods :

The study was conducted in Senen Sub district, Central Jakarta using qualitative research approach. Eleven public primary schools agreed to participate in the study. The information was obtained through observation (checklist form) and in-depth interview to 40 participants, consisting of school principal, teachers and food handlers.


Results :

Based on observation result, none of the school fulfilled the requirement for healthy school canteen in terms of location and building. The food providers mostly did not practice personal hygiene as recommended and had never joined any training on food hygiene and sanitation (91%). The foods sold mostly consisted of processed/instant foods such as instant noodles. In addition, from interview revealed some challenges in implementing healthy school canteen included limited facilities, students’ preference which favor unhealthy foods, and lack of commitment from school to provide policies and facilities for healthy school canteen.

Conclusions :

Healthy school canteen is a concept that needs to be further translated into action which is dependent to school readiness and commitment.  Provision of appropriate training, facility support, monitoring and surveillance are key to the establishment of sustainable healthy school canteen.


Acknowledgements : The study was supported by SEAMEO RECFON.  We are grateful to the participating schools and participants for their insights shared about the school canteen.


Keywords: school canteen, food hygiene, school nutrition, Jakarta


Keywords: school canteen, food hygiene, school nutrition, Jakarta