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Association of Depression Symptom in Elderly Hypertension Patients with the Usage of Beta-blockers in Kuala Lumpur
Zulhabri Othman, Fatini Zahari, Syahirah Farhana Mohd Saleh, Noor Azimah Ahmad, MohdHazayri Jamaluddin, Glendon Lau, Anantha Raj Daniel

Last modified: 2018-09-16


Background: Malaysia is facing a hypertension upsurge among the elderly. Beta-blockers as hypertension treatment is commonly used although earlier studies reported that beta-blockers cause depression symptoms in hypertension patients. Depression symptom in elderly are often overlook as society misinterprets depression symptoms as a part of aging process. This study aims to investigate the association of beta-blockers usage and the depression symptoms in elderly hypertension patients in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Materials and methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. A total of 211 elderly patients with hypertension was recruited for this study. Data was collected using questionnaire and depression symptoms were assessed using Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). 


Results: Analysis have shown a significant association of depression symptom and lipophilic beta-blockers in elderly patients with hypertension (p=0.007,c2=14.03). There was no significant different for depression symptoms in elderly patients above 60 years old compared to below 60 years old (p=0.144,c2=6.85). However a trend towards higher BDI score of 11-16 and 17-20 were more common in elderly patients with hypertension, which considered as mild mood disturbance (63.0%) and borderline depression (85.0%) respectively.


Conclusions: This study suggest that the usage of lipophilic beta-blockers may have depression effects on hypertensive patients. Elderly hypertensive patients were more affected with mild mood disturbance and borderline clinical depression.


Acknowledgements: The authors would like to thanks all Hospital Kuala Lumpur patients  that take part in this study. Thanks to Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Management & Science University for the support given to this study.



Keywords:  Depression, Hypertension, Beta-blockers