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Satisfaction Visitors of Sijunjung Hospital to Comprehensive Handling Complaints
Isniati Isniati

Last modified: 2018-08-14


Background : In Hospital and Community Health Service ( HCHS ) total reports complained it was 117.836 on 2016-2017. The number was increasing 1.656 ( 1,4 % ) from a year earlier and 116.180. On basic health services in England number of complaints terlulis report on 2016-2017 is 90.579, increased 8.020 ( 9,7 % ) compared to the previous year that 82.559

Materials and methods: The methodology used is quantitative methods to know the level of satisfaction visitors in Sijunjung Hospital, and to know complaints handling problems that is Sijunjung Hospital.



Results: The results of the study got that the level of satisfaction patients who constitute the main priority of in-patient is officer in units of roentgen of responsible for carrying out a life in accordance with their skills in (82,27 %), outpatient are doctors in units of common ones (76,49 %) , and in the emergency department is cleaning officers responsible for the cleanliness of the environment the hospital (80,83 %).


Conclusions: The results of the study quantitative obtained the result that more than half visitors Sijunjung Hospital get good service. While the study shows that system handling complaints in Sijunjung Hospital not have standard procedure clearly that the handling of complaints is still not maximum.