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Contribution of Working Period and Working Time to incidence of Cardiovascular Disease at Informal Sector in Makassar City
novita novi medyati

Last modified: 2018-08-20


Background: In global, cardiovascular disease is one of death causes. Identification of cardiovascular risk is the main goals of this disease prevention. The study aim to determine relation between works with cardiovascular disease. Method: Design cross sectional study was conducted among cooks at Talamalanrea Puskesmas on March to June 2018. 80 samples was determined by purposive sampling. Risk of cardiovascular disease was determined by using the Jakarta Cardiovascular Score. Data processing using SPSS version 23 for Windows and analyzed using Chi Square test with 95% CI; ρ <0.05. Result: The high risk of cardiovascular disease were working period (ρ = 0.049), and working time (ρ = 0.0015). Conclusion: Working period and working time were identified as risk factors of cardiovascular disease. A healthy lifestyle is recommended to control cardiovascular disease within 10 years later.

Key word: Cardiovascular, Work period, Work time