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Development of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Active Case Finding Based on Community Mobilization
Yunus Ariyanto, Dwi Martiana Wati, Nikmal Baroya

Last modified: 2018-08-07


Background : Tuberculosis is a social problem that requires social approach. Previous study in Jember, Indonesia showed a complex social problem leading to TB case finding delay. This study aims to organize an active case finding to reduce the delay.

Materials and methods : The method used in this research is collaborative betterment model involved health cadres, community/ religious leaders, Primary Health Centers, and District Public Health Office. This research was conducted in Kalisat and Suboh village of Jember district for 1 year intervention.

Results : As a result of this activity 86 suspects identified, 56.9% of suspects are persuaded, and 85.7% of them are willing to be examined, 48.9% persuasion is carried out by the cadres themselves, 40.9% by cadres with community/ religious leaders, and 10% by cadres with community/ religious leaders and health staff. Positive predicted value = 0.071.

Conclusions : Health staff positions to assist the cadres in persuasion activity can be replaced by community/ religious leader. This model could accelerate TB case finding, thereby shortening the period of diagnostic delay, and at the same time educated the community and reduced TB stigma.