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Improvement and challenges in maternal and newborn care: Community intervention in hard to reach areas of Chin State, Myanmar
Myo-Myo Mon

Last modified: 2018-08-14


Background: An intervention on maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) care needs in remote areas was done by the collaborative efforts of public health sector, local organizations and International Rescue Committee.

Materials and methods: A pre and post-test, mixed-methods study was done to compare the knowledge and practices of mothers on MNCH care after the community intervention.  Face-to-face interviews with mothers of children under 2 years and in-depth interviews with responsible providers were conducted.



Results: A total of 291 mothers participated in the assessment. Higher proportions of mothers from end-line than baseline received their first ante-natal care within 1st trimester (74% and 38%, p<0.01), received delivery with skilled birth attendants (85.5% and 50%, p<0.01), post-partum and newborn care services (74.2% and 14.1%, p<0.01). More children from the end-line (>80%) received immunization relevant to their age. Village health committees were strengthened and could help mothers for emergency referral, nutrition promotion and emergency fund raising. Responsible township health officers acknowledged the improvement in immunization coverage and increased referral from the villages because of community intervention. Presence of restricted areas and communication difficulty were the major challenges.


Conclusions: Areas of major improvement included mothers’ ante-natal, delivery and immunization practices. Community mobilization and strengthening of local capacity should be maintained.