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Identifying the disclosure status of HIV infected children in Myanmar
Kyaw-Min Htut

Last modified: 2018-08-07


Background: Disclosing HIV status to children on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) is crucial to maintain drug adherence and prevent further transmission of HIV. The study was conducted to identify disclosure related information among HIV infected children.


Materials and methods: A cross-sectional, mixed methods study was conducted in 2017 at 21 public ART centres by applying face-to-face interviews and in-depth interviews with guardians of children on ART.


Results: Total of 359 children under 15 years participated and mean age (SD) was 9.03±3.5 years. About 47% (168/359) of children knew their HIV status in which 46% (77/168) were disclosed by one of their parents. Considerably higher proportions of 11-15 years old children than 6-10 years (69.7% and 37%, p<0.001), children staying with other relatives than staying with parents (60.2% and 48.9%, p<0.05), children with non-parent head of household than children with parent head of household (65.6% and 50.3%, p<0.05) and orphans than non-orphans (55.9% and 47.1%, p<0.01) have been disclosed. During discussions, some guardians stated that they told their children as having a chronic disease.


Conclusions: Considerable proportion of children has not known their HIV status although they are on ART. Awareness raising activities for guardians on advantages of disclosure counselling are recommended.