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Immunization Completeness and Timeliness Quality in Central Lombok District, Indonesia
Alya Hazfiairni, Dina Eka Putri, Emmy Kardinasari, Baiq Atmawati, Sahnan Sahnan

Last modified: 2018-08-14


The five basic compulsory immunizations for 0-11 months old infants, are Hepatitis B, BCG, DPT-HB-Hib, Polio, and Measles. The West Nusa Tenggara Province, one of provinces in Indonesia, always met the national immunization target coverage in 2012-2016. Within the province, Central Lombok District achieved more than 95% of immunization coverage during period of 2012-2016. However, cases of diphtheria, tetanus, and measles still occurred during the same period. This fact raised a concern on the quality of the immunization.This study examined the data of completeness and timeliness of immunization for 0-11 months old infants at 10 villages in this district from October 2016 to February 2018. The data was analyzed using retrospective method.The study found that 77.5% of 18,963 infants who received complete immunization, 40.4% infants who received the immunization timely. According to the vaccinators in 10 villages, this poor timeliness of immunization figures occurred because of lack of community member’s awareness in attending timely immunization services. Other factors are the babies were sick at the time of immunization schedule and vaccine distribution issue which led to spoilage and late administration. These findings are in line with the study conducted by Fadnes (2011) which found high coverage of immunization did not imply timely vaccination.This study suggests that the Central Lombok District Government should focus on both quantity and quality of the immunization services. To get the quality of services, improving the existing monitoring and evaluation within health system is required. There is a need to develop community empowerment program on rising awareness and knowledge on the importance of immunization completeness and timeliness.