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Cost and Benefit Analysis of OHS Management Strategy to Improve OHS Culture in Construction Sector
Ida Ayu Indira Dwika Lestari

Last modified: 2018-08-11


Background: Accidents occurring in the construction sector greatly affect the business and the environment of society as a whole. Fewer accidents mean the company will incur less replacement costs on sick leave, resulting in lower costs and other disruptions in the production process will also be reduced, with a clear advantage for the entrepreneur. The aim of this study is to find out how much the benefits of the economic side of the prevention of safety risks in construction workers with the application of Occupational Safety and Health in the Construction sector


Materials and methods: This research is analytic descriptive using quantitative and qualitative methodology with cross-sectional survey design study to cost-benefit implementation of work accident prevention program at construction company by taking 1 pilot project at Private company (contractor). This study focuses on the type of work at height.


Result: the analysis of the Financial Benefit / Cost ratio shows that, in the construction companies considered in this study, the fallen risk prevention measures defined in the risk assessment process are undertaken by taking some preventive measures, ie by reducing the type and duration of work, training efforts, PPE to achieve B / C ratio higher than 1 was effective, in this case the company tried to increase cost effectiveness.


Conclusion: Implementing risk prevention from this working at height requires adequate planning. Therefore its application should be coordinated by the Health and Safety team, in close collaboration with various other professionals in the organization of the company, with particular emphasis on finance, management control and human resources departments


Keyword: Cost benefit Analysis, Risk Prevention, Risk Assesment, OHS Implementation