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Nutrition and Obesity - Risk and Prevention Approach in Rural Population in India
Charu Kohli, Jugal Kishore

Last modified: 2018-09-15



The increase in overweight and obesity rates is a major public health concern. This study was planned to understand relationship between nutrition habits and body weight and to frame dietary strategies for prevention of obesity at community level.

Materials and methods :

A population based cross sectional study was conducted in two rural areas of Delhi, India over a period of one year. 1005 subjects aged more than 18 years were selected by systematic random sampling method. Dietary habits were inquired using standard method for last 7 days. All participants were subjected to anthropometry to calculate body mass index (BMI), and biochemical analysis using standard procedure as given under WHO STEPS approach. Data was analysed using SPSS software. Chi-square/fisher exact tests were used to find any significance. Institutional ethical clearance was taken for the study.


Results :

Only 139 (13.8%) study subjects were consuming recommended amount of fruits and vegetables (400g/day). 305 (30.4%) subjects were overweight and 104 (10.4%) were obese. Prevalence of overweight/obesity was significantly lower among those who reported consuming recommended amount of fruits and vegetables (30.2%) than those who do not (42.4%) (p<0.05). The prevalence of overweight/obesity was significantly different among different types of cooking oil users- 45% among saturated fats users, 28% among unsaturated fat users and 34.1% among mixed type users (p<0.05). Obesity was significantly associated with poverty (p<0.05).


Conclusions :

There was high prevalence of overweight/obesity in rural Delhi. Adequate intake of vegetables and fruits and use of unsaturated cooking oil should be promoted in community.


Acknowledgements :

The authors are grateful to Indian Council of Medical Research for funding and all participants for their contribution.



Nutrition, Overweight, Rural, India