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The costs of reaching injecting drug users (IDUs): a costs analysis of IDUs outreach program in Indonesia
Jorghi Vadra, Adiatma Y. M. Siregar, Rozar Prawiranegara

Last modified: 2018-08-09


Background: 28.8% of 620,000 of estimated people living with HIV/AIDS in Indonesia are Injecting drug users (IDUs). An outreach program to better care this high risk group is necessary, and an economic analysis is need to show the costs of the program as an input to policy making.

Materials and methods: Direct costs data were collected by interviewing an NGOs which is focusing on the IDUs group in Bandung City, West Java. Indirect costs were estimated by interviewing IDUs who were covered by this program. All data were collected in 2017 and converted to US$ (Rp14,185.00/US$).


Results: Total direct cost incurred in this program were US$9,727.98 (US$19.46/person). Cost items include personnel (77.1%), supplies (1.7%), training (8.9%), building (8.8%), and equipment costs (3.5%).


Conclusions: IDUs outreach program direct cost is half of the transgender and male-having-sex-with-male outreach program, and it is almost six times higher than female sex workers outreach program (more specifically on the personnel cost). Given the importance of IDUs within the HIV/AIDS epidemic, further research on the effectiveness of the program is required in comparison with other outreach programs.


Acknowledgements: We would like to thank Grapiks Foundation and Bandung City AIDS for extensively supporting our research.


Keywords: HIV/AIDS, injecting drug user (IDUs), outreach program, cost analysis, Indonesia