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Assessment of Patient Satisfaction in the Inpatient Room of Islamic Hospital in Surabaya
Sendhi Tristanti Puspitasari, Dhian Kartikasari, Tomy Kristanto

Last modified: 2018-08-09


Background: Patient satisfaction with healthcare has clear implications on service use and health outcomes. It is one of the essential determinants and indicators of the quality of health care and services delivery. Evaluation of patient satisfaction is considered an hospital goal. We sought to assess patient satisfaction in the inpatient room of Islamic Hospital in Surabaya.

Method: This cross-sectional study was conducted from September to October 2017 in seven inpatient rooms. A simple random sample of in the inpatient room was selected to participate in the study. Totally, 128 patients were enrolled in this study. The present study focused on the assessment of patient satisfaction based on RATER dimension such as reliability, assurance, tangible, empathy, responsiveness.

Results: The data indicated that more than half of the subjects in this study were females (63.3%) and 36.7% were males. The minimum age of subjects was 17 years and the maximum 55 years. The overall satisfaction with inpatient services based on four dimension (reliability, assurance, empathy, responsiveness). However, in the dimension of tangible especially on room cleanliness still relatively low.

Conclusion: Overall, patients expressed satisfaction with the care provided. These ratings may reflect modest patients' expectations as well as acceptable circumstances and performance. The study suggested a more serious evaluation of room cleanliness as a part to improve patient satisfaction.

Acknowledgements: We thanks to the hospital management for having given permission to the conduct of the study.

Keywords: patient satisfaction, inpatient room, Islamic Hospital of Surabaya