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Digital Transformation of Payment Mode in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital : A Public Perception
Hem Chandra

Last modified: 2018-08-07


Background : Cash has been king in mode of payment in Indian hospitals and one of the reasons for this is to cover unforeseen medical treatment. However, now-a-days the government prefers the cashless transaction for conduction of public health programs. Though SGPGIMS, a tertiary care hospital has also been providing digital payment facilities since 2011, but utilisation was minimal. Usage of digital payment mode though increased significantly just after demonetization but its sustenance after remonetisation has been topic of discussion.

Materials and method : Study  conducted  from March 2017 to March 2018 was compared with previous studies conducted on utilization of card for payment. Public perception on digital mode of payment was also observed.


Results : Following demonetisation, digital payments saw sharp spike of 365% increase from base line in Nov-Dec 2016. As remonetisation picked up pace, digital payments fell down by 23% of above value between March –December, 2017. But usage of card payment was again  geared up with 427% increase from base line from January to March, 2018. 80% of public preferred for digital mode of payment  but all of them did not use.


Conclusions : Gradually public is adopting digital mode of payment in hospital.


Acknowledgement : Thanks to Hospital Accounts Department.

Keywords : Digitalization,Demonetization, Demonetization, Payment,Public Perception