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Distribution of Social Media Facebook Account Content BPJS Health during November - December 2017: Cross Sectional Study
Lelitasari Danukusumo

Last modified: 2018-08-16



It is estimated that in 2019 BPJS Health suffered a loss of 9 trillion rupiah. One of the things that need to be examined from the loss is the level of literacy of BPJS Health service users. Low levels of health literacy are associated with high health costs. One of the factors that affect the level of health literacy in individuals is health knowledge. BPJS Health as the organizer of JKN is concerned to raise the health literacy level of its users as one of the effort to reduce the health cost to be paid.


Material and Methods With the number of internet users in Indonesia which in 2016 reached 132.7 million BPJS Health can take advantage of social media as one of the path to disseminate knowledge about health to the public.


Result The results of the calculation of content distribution of social media accounts facebook BPJS Health between November 18 to December 18, 2017 obtained the total results of 68 posts with content containing health tips info as much as 26.7% and non health tips info as much as 73.5%. On average each post is favored by 89 people and distributed 41 times. The amount is much less than the number of BPJS Health members who have reached 182 million people and internet users 132.7 million people. To improve engagement with internet users BPJS health needs to manage their social media accounts better in order to interact and spread the content.


Conclusion Information of health tips along with matters related to increasing public health literacy are increased in number. Health tips and information related to the disease selected based on 10 diseases with the highest claim value in BPJS Health. Use comic media, info graphics and short videos with display. Content design that meets 6 principles: social values, triggers, emotions, general, practical values, stories. Budgeting cost to promote information shared on social media facebook.


Acknowladgement The author would like to thank University of Indonesia.

Keyword: health literacy, internet, social media, BPJS Health, facebook

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