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Review of disciplinary contributions to Planetary Health collaborations focused on sustainable urban development: An integrated approach to Sustainable Development Goals 3 & 11
Ibrahim Umar

Last modified: 2018-08-14


Background: This study focuses on interconnections between health and environmental governance from a Planetary Health perspective in the context of sustainable urban development. As such, the article presents a review of disciplinary contributions to Planetary Health collaborations for sustainable urban development, which is designed to simultaneously address Sustainable Development Goals 3 & 11.

Objective: The study explores linkages between environment and health governance issues, to provide insight into how some disciplines address planetary health challenges.


Methodology: Systematic literature review search conducted in five databases and Google Scholar from April 4th to 30th May 2018, applying inclusion and exclusion criteria, uncovering 232 articles from which 57 relevant articles were selected.

Results: Preliminary outcomes indicate potential contributions of global health governance, ecological public health, health geographies and sustainable development as disciplines that seek to contribute to planetary health transdisciplinary collaborations.

Conclusion: Calls for Planetary Health transdisciplinary collaborations have drawn significant attention across different levels of decision-making. Addressing it requires methodological approaches that drive environmental change in connection with health and promotes coordinated actions locally and internationally, utilizing Sustainable Development Goal 3 & 11 stipulations in policy and practice.


Keywords: Planetary, Health, Environment, Governance, Transdisciplinary, Sustainability