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Correlation Characteristic, Social Economic, Nutritional Status With Childhood Tuberculosis in Padang Lawas Regency
putra Apriadi siregar

Last modified: 2018-08-14



Background: Pulmonary TB patients in Indonesia continue to increase from 1997 to 2014. In 2013 cases of pulmonary TB in children and toddlers have started to be found that is in children with age group <1 year as much as 2 ‰, children with age group 1 4 years as many as 4 ‰ and children with 5-14 years age group as much as 0.3 ‰.

Materials and methods: This research uses crossectional design to know factors related to child pulmonary TB incident in Padang Lawas Regency. This research was conducted in Sibuhuan Hospital, Padang Lawas Regency. The population in this study is all children aged 0-5 years who came treated to clinic lung Sibuhuan Hospital, as many as 55 children, this study using total sampling. Analysis of research data using chi-square test and display Pravelent Ratio (PR)  to know factors related to childhood tuberculosis in Padang Lawas Regency.

Results The results showed that children with childhood tuberculosis occurred in respondents with male gender as many as 33 people (60%), mallnutrition as many as 35 people (63.6%), low socioeconomic counted 32 people (58.2%) , does not require BCG immunization as many as 32 people (58.2%). There were correlations between nutritional status (PR= 3,306)) and BCG immunization (PR= 1,951) with childhood tuberculosis in Padang Lawas Regency, North Sumatera Province.

Conclusions :Conclusion of research that  a correlation between nutritional status, socioeconomic and BCG immunization with incidence of childhood tuberculosis in Padang Lawas Regency, North Sumatera Province. From the results of this study expected that the district health office of Padang Lawas Regency more active in supervising the children risk of childhood tuberculosis especially child have low socioeconomic, malnutrition and don’t have BCG immunization.

Keywords: Characteristic,Childhood Tuberculosis,Nutritional status, social economic,