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Digital Surveillance System: The potency of Epicollect5 Data Collections as a tool for outbreaks epidemiological investigations in Bali Province, Indonesia
Ngakan Putu Anom Harjana

Last modified: 2018-09-08



The process of data recording, analysis, and reporting of epidemiological investigations in Bali Province have several obstacles, such as late, incomplete reports, invalid data, and different in recording formats. This is caused by the system that has not been integrated due to the use of manual system, so it becomes ineffective and inefficient. Epicollect5 Data Collection applications can be used as a solution to solve these problems. The aims of this study is to develop an outbreak surveillance information system using Epicollect5 Data Collection in Bali Province.

Materials and methods

The design of this study used participatory action research approach with System Development Life Cycle model. The subject of the study was choosen by using purposive technique and the data was analized using descriptive quantitative method.


Field test using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Questionnaire involving 203 surveillance officer from nine cities in Bali Province showed that most of the officer support this prototype. The prototype was evaluated based on aspects of timeliness, completeness, accuracy, accessibility, usability, and ease of use. The output of the prototype were tables, graphics, and case mapping which is useful for further epidemiological analysis regarding the outbreaks.


Outbreak surveillance information system using Epicollect5 Data Collection has a good potency as a tool to support diseases surveillance system in Bali Province. To implement this prototype into an information system, it is necessary to develop a system that capable in accommodating from input to output with multi level user from primary health care level to Health Department of Bali Province.


Acknowledgments are given to School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University and Health Department of Bali Province who always provide support and encouragement in every research activity.

Keywords: Prototype Development, Outbreaks Surveillance Information System, Epicollect5 Data Collection